The Christina Noble Children's Foundation

The Foundation is an international partnership of people dedicated to helping underprivileged children and those at-risk of commercial or sexual exploitation.

Operational centers in Vietnam and Mongolia provide shelter to underprivileged, orphaned or abandoned children whilst ensuring all children have direct access to a good education, a high standard of healthcare, and other social and employment opportunities. They also engage in sustainable development initiatives that directly benefit the families and wider communities of the children they support. To date the Foundation has helped over 600,000 children and their families.

CNCF Hong Kong strives to raise funds to support these projects that create safe, stable, and caring environments to ensure each and every child has a happy childhood and the opportunity to recognize their life potential. They are proud to be an independent, grassroots charity that works tirelessly to secure current and future funding and being wholly transparent and accountable to their donors and supporters while single-mindedly focusing on the children.

In December 2018, the annual WAGS Charity Day raised HK$2,090,000.
HK$1,260,000 was donated to The Christina Noble Children's Foundation and HK$832,000 to various HK based charities

Kely Support Group

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-government funded bilingual organisation which provides support to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in Hong Kong from Chinese-speaking, Ethnic Minority and English-speaking backgrounds.

Our mission is to empower young people to reach their full potential.

The Weez Project

The Weez Project was set up in memory of Jamie Bruno.We are a community group that is working to increase awareness of youth mental health issues and campaigning to prevent youth suicide.

Our mission is for there to be help and support for young people in Hong Kong who are facing mental health challenges, especially those who are contemplating self-harm or suicide.

We aim to encourage young people to know how to help themselves and their friends, help educate teachers and parents to know more about mental health issues and to advocate for improvements in youth mental health including suicide prevention.

The HUB Hong Kong

The HUB is a children's support center which provides educational support, extra-curricular classes, family counselling, social health and well being services to those who need it most without discrimination.
We believe that youth are the key for Hong Kong to continue to be a leading, growing community.

Not all children had the same opportunity so we decided to form a charity to give children the opportunity to find a better environment to develop into contributing members of the community.