WAGS Philosophy - Golfing for Good

Whilst having fun, enjoying golf and meeting friends is a good reason to join a golf society we always try to do something for those less fortunate than ourselves. 

At every golf event , whether it be a game in HK or on tour, we raise money for Charity and focus on three areas of Fundraising:

  1. The main event is our annual Charity Day where we raise funds for a nominated Charity. We will select the Charity that we feel is primarily helping Children in need, is well run and is of a size that can benefit significantly from our efforts. We would normally support this Charity for two to three years. This year's beneficiary is the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

  2. After every game, we raise money from "fines" from the players for various misdemeanors, such as swearing, bad golf etiquette, bad golf, appalling dress sense, etc. Any disagreement with the fine master usually entails further penalties. These funds are donated to a single beneficiary for the year and consistent with the philosophy of helping Children in need for a local Hong Kong Charity.

  3. When on tour, the level of fines normally increases proportional to the increase in bad behavior. The beneficiary for a tour will be to a local Children's Charity in the country of tour.

    Since 2012 we have raised money for the following charities:


  • 2012 – HKD 130,000 – Spastics Association and Rain Lily.

  • 2013 – HKD 200,000 – Philippine Red Cross (Typhoon Relief).

  • 2014 – HKD 300,000 – Children’s Cancer Foundation.

  • 2015 – HKD 325,000 – Sailability Hong Kong.

  • 2016 - HKD 600,000 - The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

  • 2017 -HKD 1,100,000 - The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

  • 2018 HKD  2,090,000 - HKD1,260,000 to The Christina Noble Children's Foundation and HKD 832,000 to various HK based charities.

  • 2019 HKD  2,090,000 - HKD1,285,000 to The Christina Noble Children's Foundation and HKD 400,000 each to The Hub Hong Kong and Weez Project.