WAGS Outreach - Charity fundraising

Giving for good is an important part of WAGS and takes place in several ways. 


  • At each event members are encouraged to wear one of the annual Charity Day golf shirts (back stocks exist, and we order plenty extra each year). These colourful quality shirts both identify and unify us while generating revenue for the causes that we support.  Our shirts advertise to others that we can combine good golf, good company, and good causes.


  • After each event along with prize giving, we have a “fines session”. These "fines" are administered in good humor and are applied for various misdemeanors, such as swearing, bad golf etiquette, bad golf, leaving clubs on a course, appalling dress sense, not having been fined already etc.  These are often relatively small amounts, but it is about not taking yourself too seriously and helping others. Funds raised are all donated to a beneficiary(s) for the year chosen by the members. Typically, these funds will go to one or more smaller local Hong Kong charities. 


  • When we go on tour, we have similar fines sessions (usually scoped for more misdemeanors) and we identify a local children's charity as a beneficiary of these sessions. Where possible we also like to spend an hour or two with the kids or staff to engage, understand and try to support what they are trying to do.


  • The single biggest contribution is our annual WAGS Charity Golf Day. This has grown and grown and is now the biggest amateur golf event in Hong Kong. It is has raised almost US$ 1.25 million for charities with most of that in the past 3-4 years. A list of the recent fundraising is set out below. The typical corporate donation to a charity is often less than US$50,000 so it is an extraordinary thing for a group of amateur golfers to be able to raise multiples of that year on year.


Funds are raised at the WAGS Charity Golf Day through sponsorship of parts of the event (individual holes, event shirt etc.), and often members can contribute through their own businesses or leveraging their social and business contacts, Funds are also raised through auction of  both physical items  and experiences and again members play an important part in sourcing auction items. Finally, at the end of WAGS Charity Golf day, there is an opportunity for all attendees to pledge (donate) an optional amount of money to the beneficiary causes.

An event like the WAGS Charity Golf Day takes a lot of organisation and we encourage as many members as possible to get involved in any way they can. Members can get friends involved - as contributors and/or players on the day - and show them what they and their fellow golfers are trying to achieve. It is something only WAGS do, and we should be very proud of it.


Since 2012 we have raised money for the following charities:


  • 2012 - HKD130,000. Spastics Association and Rain Lily.

  • 2013 - HKD200,000. Philippine Red Cross (Typhoon Relief).

  • 2014 - HKD300,000. Children’s Cancer Foundation.

  • 2015 - HKD325,000. Sailability Hong Kong.

  • 2016 - HKD600,000. The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

  • 2017 - HKD1,100,000. The Christina Noble Children's Foundation.

  • 2018* - HKD2,090,000. The Christina Noble Children's Foundation (HKD1,260,000) and various HK based charities (HKD830,000)

  • 2019* - HKD2,085,000. The Christina Noble Children's Foundation (HKD1,285,000),  The Hub / The Weez Project (HKD400,000 each)

  • 2020 - deferred due to CoVid to 2021

    * in partnership with St James’ Place Charitable Foundation